Wireless Power Charging Technologies

Wireless Power Charging Technologies

We rarely get out of our house without carrying our portable chargers/chargers, don’t we? That stuff is more important and essential than any other thing to us now. Tech companies are continually developing phone designs such that they have more battery life. We honestly have reached a point in survival where we care more about our phone’s battery than our battery! But, our problems don’t just stop on battery. We also keep struggling to find a socket for our chargers. And, so, for such a time and such generation of humankind, wireless power charging is like god’s blessing.

As a device that seems almost magical for the benefits it offers, wireless phone chargers debuted in the markets for sale post-2015. Charging has not been more simple ever since. It is a wireless charger, and hence, you don’t have to worry about cables at all. It would be best if you put your phone on top of the wireless charger, and it charges up your phone’s battery. You do not get to let off the cable though completely; the wire is involved in the functioning of the wireless charger but in a different way.

15W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Station

The wireless chargers come in various forms – It could be a pod or a plate or a pad or a pillow or something else as the market advances, but a cable connects this primary device to the source of power like a socket. This power keeps the charger going and ables it to charge the device placed on top of it. This electronic gadget primarily functions on electromagnetic waves. However, not all phones that are out in the market today are compatible with wireless charging. There are a few ones, though.

Portability & Convenience

This one is hands down the most significant benefit of the wireless charger. You no more have to have your phone connected to a cable while it charges. Often, while we usually charge our phones, we cannot do a lot of things that we would want to do on our phone only because we connect it to a cable for the charge. But, not anymore! You can use your phone while charging it, too (up to a certain extent).


The wireless chargers become of use for all phones that are compatible with it. That is irrespective of the cable type that the phone requires for standard charging.

Speed & Performance

 Some new phone models charge faster through wireless chargers, and there is very minimal degradation impact on the battery of the phones charged through the wireless charger.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Mobile Phones

 The wireless charging pads last much longer than the charging cables and are lightweight as well. These wireless bluetooth earphones are an amazing device which helps the listener listen to songs and enjoy their own company. It does not have anything which can get tangled and make life messy. Therefore, these wireless earphones are of great help.

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