Using Technology Gadgets For Teaching

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Technology gadgets for teaching are very much in vogue these days and are making an all the more contribution to the fields of science, technology and education. These gadgets consist of many tools that can be used by teachers as they help them while imparting knowledge to students. Some of the gadgets are digital white boards, interactive learning toys, science kits, science experiments and many more.

The digital white board is the most fascinating of all gadgets for teachers as it is capable of displaying any image or graphic quickly and clearly. It can also be used for multiple applications as it can be used for writing, reading and calculating just like a real white board. This board becomes all the more useful when teachers incorporate it with PowerPoint presentation software.

Explaining Various Subjects

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The interactive learning toys and science kits can be used while explaining various subjects. Interactive learning toys involve playing games such as touch screen, retrieval and color matching. They make the students interact with the subject matter and learn the subject in a fun manner. Interactive science kits include videos, CD ROMs, VHS tapes, computer animated exhibits and DVDs that contain information on the different planets and stars. All of this information helps the teachers convey information in a clear and effective way to their students.

With the help of science kits, teachers can make their classes interesting and dynamic. They can make the class discussion interesting by adding visuals to the discussions. There are many other types of technology gadgets for teaching available and they include projectors, computers, laptops and tablets. Various students and teachers can take advantage of these resources and use it in their respective classrooms. They can create exhibits with digital cameras and enhance the class interaction by integrating it with computers.


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Projectors can be used for displaying lectures on specific topics. It is also used for conducting experiments on science topics in science labs. In classrooms where the students are working individually, teachers can add videos to the lesson and use captions. 

Teachers can use these videos to enhance student’s understanding of the subject and make them understand the concepts better. Moreover, teachers can improve the student’s language and leadership skills by showing them how to use technology in their daily lives.

Improving The Visual Medium 

Teachers can use technology gadgets for teaching as they will not only help in improving the visual medium in their classes but will also help them in conducting interviews with their students and conducting role-playing exercises. Teachers can record lectures and then edit them using video editing software. All this helps them to conduct lesson study. The students will have a great time watching the lectures and trying to understand the different points the teacher is making. They will also enjoy the role play exercises. The students will get to learn how to communicate well in a presentation.

Download Software That Helps Them In Managing Their Appointments

Teachers can also download software that helps them in managing their appointments. This software is designed for teachers who want to schedule appointments online. Online appointments are very convenient to both the teacher and the students. This software will enable teachers to manage their appointments, view their schedules, manage their tasks and contacts and to leave messages for their students. Thus, teachers can be more productive in their work.

Technology gadgets for teaching are readily available in the market today. Some of the manufacturers offer free downloads of the software, while some of them charge a reasonable amount.

Final Words

Hence, the decision as to what kind of technology gadgets for teaching you should buy depends completely on your budget. However, always remember that teachers should be treated with respect. Treat them as your children and teach them using technology gadgets that are safe for them and will enable them to retain information better.

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