Top 3 Real Life Devices Based on Iron Man Technology Gadgets

Who isn’t inspired by this millionaire brainiac who spent his time, inventing new things and not just the famous suit in his laboratory, when he’s not saving the world? The answer is probably no one. It doesn’t matter here who your favorite superhero is. We are focusing on the fact that despite his flaws, Tony Stark was a genius with some brilliant gadgets.

Time and again, the Marvel Comic Universe has crafted characters who have a superpower because of technology. Being the pioneer of superheroes, Iron Man had technologies that are advanced and futuristic, and beyond anything, we could see in real life. Therefore, here we have some real-life devices that are inspired by the Iron Man technology gadgets. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis – Based On Iron Man’s AI J.A.R.V.IS. 

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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg took inspiration from Iron Man’s AI JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System) and developed his own artificial intelligence or AI assistance in 2016. In the movies, JARVIS is a really advanced computerized system and was continuously by Tony’s side. The artificial intelligence in the film could make, control, and manage advanced technology.

Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence is not that advanced, but his Jarvis can control his home, including security, music, appliances, temperature, and lights. It can also learn new concepts, words along with how to taste and create patterns. The only thing real-life Jarvis cannot do is to come to life and merge with Vision to become one of the Avengers itself.

Drone Video Camera With Led Lights

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One of the perks of the armor was that it could be controlled remotely, which was exploited several times. For instance, Ivan Vanko used it for wrong purposes in Iron Man 2, while some used it for good like JARVIS at the end of Iron Man 3. Though we can’t find or afford the real Iron Man suit, we can have the next best thing, a video camera controlled with a drone. The quadcopter with four-axis was built for stability with its own video camera with 2 GB memory. The drone is easy to navigate even at night. 

¼ Mile Potato Gun Cannon – Urban Warrior

In the endearing scene from Iron Man 3 where Stark meets with a boy named Harley who was wielding a potato gun at him, that gun became an iconic gadget. Later, they became friends, and Stark himself designed a gigantic potato gun to give it to him. Now, we can show our inner Iron Man here with a true oversized potato gun. The Urban Warrior Potato Cannon utilized aerosol hairspray for propelling the tuber up to quarter miles away. The gun has a very loud discharge due to its large size, and at the same time, the aerosol propellers shoot out flames out of their barrels that are eighteen inches in length. It is not a matter of astonishment that Tony Stark had such affinity for flame shooting potato guns.  


In this article, we have let out our inner children to play, to escape into the universe of superpowers and good and bad and exceptionally great gadgets. We have gathered here the top three gadgets that come close to the real deal. So, let your inner child out and choose your weapon wisely.

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