These Gadgets Could Save Your Life

Technology has seamlessly integrated into our lives. As such, it has made its presence felt everywhere. There are numerous smart gadgets launched in the market. Moreover, some specifically cater to monitoring your health. Additionally, gadgets for healthy living prove to come handy during an emergency. Moreover, these smart lifestyle gadgets are bringing in a healthy revolution in the health sector. Here is a list of top smart gadgets that could save your life.

SteriPen Ultra

According to healthcare experts, impure water is the major carrier of numerous diseases. Therefore, to combat the issue of unclean water and to potentially save lives, you can use portable water purifiers. The SteriPen Ultra is a portable filter gadget that destroys the harmful virus, bacterias, and other organisms by using ultraviolet light. This essential lifestyle gadget is capable of filtering nearly 15,000 liters of water per battery cycle. The filter is charged easily via a computer, wall socket, or solar panel.

Nimb Ring

Nimb Ring is a smart gadget that sends an alert when you are in distress or stuck in a helpless situation. It is an essential lifestyle gadget. The concealed ring sends an SOS to 911 and to your emergency contacts within a single click. A single battery charge can last up to 2 weeks. It also comprises a safety lock to prevent accidental use. As such, it is the perfect gadget when you are venturing out alone.


For people who keep forgetting to take their pills, this is one of the best lifestyle gadgets for healthy living. The small pill bottle is customized to the patient’s profile. As a result, the smart pill bottle analyses data transmitted to its HIPAA-compliant system to offer customized patient support. Based on the analysis, the patient is provided reminders via text messages or automated phone calls. Moreover, once the pills are near completion, the pharmacy is notified for a refill as per the physician’s directive.

Smart Hand Sanitizer

This smart gadget also doubles up as a useful gadget for healthy living. While traveling, it is difficult to keep our hands clean due to water availability and hygiene factors. This smart hand sanitizer has sensors, buzzers, and wireless networks to ensure hygiene and limit the spread of germs.

 RaDoTech Full-Body Personal Health Scanner

It is an essential gadget for healthy living within the comfort of your home. The smart devices send a small minor amount of electric current through your body’s pulse points. Essential algorithms provide snapshots of your body’s functionalities and of its vital organs. The snapshots are sent to your smartphone. This alert the user of any underlying health conditions. The smart gadget is clinically tested. It is perfect for long-term tracking to provide intelligent healthcare.

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