The 10 Best Surge Protectors: What’s The Real Deal?

Technology has come a long way, and most of the devices that we implement in our lives are electric. The surge protector is the right thing to invest in for the same scenario. Not only it increases the number of plug-in devices, but it also helps all of them stay safe and secure. Here are the top 10 surge protectors one can undoubtedly invest in. Have a read!

Amazon Basics 6 Outlet Surge Protector

I am starting with an affordable option for the Amazon basics. Two feet cord length and 200-joule protection are right for the smallest devices and right for domestic uses only.

Belkin 12 Outlet Surge Protector

The Belkin 12 outlet protect a similar variation of the next one with a difference in rating of 3940 joules.

Portable EU Plug Power Strip

The 10 Best Surge Protectors
The 10 Best Surge Protectors

With up, twelve outlets, eight feet cord length, and protection indicator light, the portable EU plug power strip is one best option for official usage. 4320-joule rating is marked for maximum protection of all devices.

Echo Gear Wall Surge Protector

The eco gear wall surge protector is a low profile safety model. With six outlets and 14.4-ounce weight, the product is right enough to use in case you have a lot of devices. The product offers five years of warranty and $25000 cashback on all equipment.

Multi-Plug Universal Outlet Power Strip

The 10 Best Surge Protectors
The 10 Best Surge Protectors: What’s The Real Deal?

Searching for an affordable surge protector can be satisfying if you end up with a multi-plug universal outlet power strip protection model. A maximum weight of 6.6 ounces makes it one of the lightweight option available. Appliances such as smartphones, watches, tablets, and others can easily be safeguarded using this model.

APC 6 Outlet Wall Surge Protector

Taking a break from the regular surge protector designs, this APC-specific model has six outlets: three on the left side and three on the right. With 1.1 pounds in total weight and a protection indicator light, this model offers a unique look.

Kensington Guardian 6 Outlet

With six outlets and fifteen feet of cord length, the Kensington Guardian Protector is one of the best products available. Availing 540 joules of protection, the Kensington offers the best insurance to smaller gadgets and devices.

Lovin Product Power Strip

The Lovin surge protector is one of the best in this list. This surge protection system offers places for fourteen outlets and four USB slots. Power rating is marked at 780 joules, and a protection indicator is well-designed. The weight is quite good at 2.45 pounds, and the cord length of six feet makes many devices accessible.

APC 11 Surge Protection

For places that rightly demand high coverage safety and maximum protection, APC 11, is the surge protection to choose. With a full capacity of 11 outlets and 3020-joule protection, this surge protector is a win-win purchase. Weighing up to one pound and the longest possible cable makes the usability better. The product also comes with a $100000 protection policy.

Echogear Low-Profile Surge Protection

Adding up style statement to your interiors, the Echogear surge protection comes with vivid color options. Accommodating a total of eight plugin outlets, the low profile Echogear also offers 3420-joule protection to all the plug outlets. The weight of 1.55 pounds and the wire length of five feet make the product a win.

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