Stylish And Modern Design Of Wireless Router Is Already Here! You Will Be Amaze So Don’t Miss This!

In today’s fast-moving economy, people don’t have time for physical interactions. They tend to do all their tasks via virtual connections and the internet is the main element that connects and allows people to contact each other, even though they might be miles apart from each other. But, a poor internet connection might catch trouble as all the multinational companies along with the small firms have started using cloud facilities and thus proper speed connection is vital.

You will get to know in this article about wireless router Wi-Fi extenders that have excellent connectivity and you can use it at your homes to keep up with high-speed internet requirements.

Wireless Router WiFi 300Mbps Booster Extender For Home Network Reaches Longer Distance

Internet connectivity is important but without apt speed makes it a waste of time. This wireless router Wi-Fi 300 Mbps booster extender for home network reaches longer distance and solves the problem of many big households. Everyone at home can now experience a good connection as this router is extendable and provides a better signal due to the presence of four antennas on it. This router amplifies the speed of the network and is hustle-free due to easy installation. 

The support functions that allow Wi-Fi connectivity makes this router a must-have in case you face regular speed issues due to big houses or too many people using the internet in one place.

Buy your Wireless Router WiFi 300Mbps Booster Extender For Home Network Reaches Longer Distance and do not miss out on the efficiency.


  • With Modem Function: No
  • Wired Transfer Rate : 10/100Mbps
  • WAN Ports: 1 x10/100Mbps
  • Number of USB Interfaces: None
  • Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 2.4G
  • 5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: None
  • Package: Yes
  • Supports WDS: Yes
  • Max. LAN Data Rate: 300Mbps
  • Model Number: PixLink-300
  • Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • Wi-Fi Transmission Standard: 802.11n
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 300 Mbps
  • LAN Ports 2
  • Supports WPS: Yes
  • Function: QoS
  • Application: home
  • Wireless Network: Complies With Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n Universal Network
  • Antenna: Four External High Gain Antennas Stronger Signal
  • Feature: Built-in power adapter, Supply all countries suitable power adapters
  • WiFi Speed: Fast Speed Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Up To 300Mbps
  • Type: Stable 2.4G WiFi Repeater 300Mbps Extender 4 Antennas Router Booster


  • It supports Wi-Fi features that allow better reach to people.
  • The device allows heat dissipation. Thus, it does not get heated in the event of high usage.
  • The lights on the device indicate the user of its proper functioning.
  • It has a built-in power adapter to avoid voltage issues.
A close up of a device


  • It does not come with a warranty, thus any defects might prove costly.
  • In the event of power failure, the device does not work.
  • Despite the modern design, it might not be able to work efficiently in MNCs due to extreme data speed requirements.


Considering the daily growth of the population and current scenarios where the world is getting digitized, the speed of the internet matters the most, and if you also support online working, this device will prove efficient for your work and household requirements.

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