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Nowadays home decor has become one of the priorities of people. Home decor often shows the personality of the people living in the house. It is a reflection of the choices and preferences of the dwellers of the house and defines their values and beliefs. Hence, home decor becomes one of the important things for people. Nowadays interior design has a major contribution to home decor. It has become a quite famous profession these days. Most home decors include the decoration of walls. For wall decoration, many things like stickers, artistic paintings, portraits, etc. can be used. Using stickers is the least cumbersome and gives a whole new look to the home. Hence, this Decorative DIY Minimalist 3D Wall Clock For Home And Office is the best choice.

Decorative DIY Minimalist 3D Wall Clock For Home And Office

This product is a minimalistic design of a large wall clock. Clocks are an excellent way of decorating the walls. This single wall clock is enough for the whole room. This wall clock sticker is the best and most economical way of decorating the house. The clock can be styled with different colors of the sofa-set and the wall paints. It is very quick and easy to use. It has self-adhesive properties. These stickers are quite strong and waterproof. So you do not need to worry during the damp weather. This makes these stickers usable for wet regions.

Why not buy a Decorative DIY Minimalist 3D Wall Clock For Home And Office?


  • Style Brief
  • Model Number 0514
  • Shape circular
  • Diameter 50cm
  • Form Single Face
  • Length 500mm
  • Weight 80g
  • Motivity Type Digital
  • Wall Clock Type 9 mm Sheet
  • Applicable Placement living room
  • Combination Multi-piece set
  • Display Type Needle
  • Width 50cm


  • This product is quite easy to use and is less messy.
  • This product gives a 3-D look to the sticker. This gives the illusion of a real clock.
  • It can be used to decorate personal spaces as well as formal spaces.
  • The sticker has self-adhesive properties. Hence, no need of buying extra glue.
A clock in the middle of a room


  • The sticker can ruin the wall paints with their adhesiveness.
  • This product may be a little expensive for some people.


There are a lot of reasons why you should be purchasing this product while the first one would be the design of the clock being minimalist. When you have this around, you can ensure it aligns with your office setup and brings a professional Outlook. With the 3D effect, it automatically brings out a decorative feature. Since it is self-adhesive, it won’t take you much time to use it and it is also waterproof making it more durable than any other product you can come across. Using 3-D wall stickers is an effective way of decorating the home. These small steps add to the overall beauty of the house. However, while choosing stickers, one must look for coherency in colors and designs.

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