Need Fast Wifi Hotspot That Can Reached Up To 100MBPS And Can Support 4G Sim Card? Check This Out!

If you need to travel a lot for business purposes and require a steady internet connection at any time and anyplace then, a USB model might be perfect for you. If you are clueless about this gadget, then you may have heard it by different names. They are referred to as an internet stick or a USB network adapter. It cannot be considered an alternative for a fixed broadband line that is available at your home. But its versatility makes it much more incredible and useful for the customers who are using it.

4G LTE USB Modem Network Adapter Wireless Router WIFI Hotspot SIM Card

This new 4G LTE USB has been integrated with a WIFI hotspot that can connect multiple users to connect simultaneously via WIFI. You can simply connect it directly to your laptop’s USB port to transfer your data. With its WIFI connection, you can enjoy web experiences such as web browsing, and playing online video games. Also, as long as there is power, you can easily access the internet, and it is very convenient. They have a built-in 4g WIFI antenna for optimal coverage as well as reliability. It also enables increased signal strength. Thus when you buy 4G LTE USB Modem Network Adapter Wireless Router WIFI Hotspot SIM Card, it also allows you to enjoy reliable wireless connectivity anytime and at any place. 


  • Type: Wireless
  • Style: External
  • Transmission Rate: Wifi Router
  • Products Status: Stock
  • wirless Modem Type: LTE
  • Model Number: Wifi Router
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  • This 4G LTE USB modem network adapter wireless router is compatible which means that one can use it for MAC, IOS, and vista. 
  • It has a great speed and the network speed can reach up to 100 Mbps. If they have the right unit, it can also serve as the primary source of wifi for your home.
  • The best thing about this gadget is that it can support a 4G SIM CARD. 
  • This router also uses Qualcomm 9200 chip for a wonderful quality. Besides, they are compact and are portable pocket devices that can be carried around easily.
  • Also, people use the internet to send any sensitive data and so they tend to avoid open network sources to stay away from hackers. This 4G USB router provides security and people can access the internet without worrying about hackers.
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  • There is a limitation to using a 4G LTE USB modem network adapter wireless router as they often require a USB port on your device. They have limited access and can only connect to a laptop and not to an eBook reader or even your mobile phones. 
  • If you are a budget buyer, then it may be a little expensive for you. 
  • Also, you always need to carry around another device like your laptop so that the device can work.


A 4G LTE USB modem network adapter wireless router is the best option if you work in a location that does not have reliable internet access. 

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