List Of Cool New Baby Gadgets To Check Out

cool new baby gadgets

If you think of yourself as a modern parent, you probably want to furnish your baby’s room with gadgets.

There are plenty of internet-linked gadgets for your little one, whether it’s a crèche that rocks you gently for sleep or a sock that monitors your heart rate and patterns of breath. We live in a day and age where businesses come up with everything they can to ease their children and to help them be the best possible parent.

Naturally, good old intuition can’t beat. Nevertheless, if you are the one who likes to get the details, or if you want to remotely check your child or can quietly and wirelessly pump your breast at work, See some of the following gadgetry. While a few items can only be ordered beforehand, most of them are now available.

However, if you are particularly looking for a baby monitor, please check our list of the best baby monitors on the market right now.

With the new high-tech baby products, we will also refresh this list over time, and keep on testing the latest.

Snuza Hero

A close up of a baby

The hero has a motion sensor that monitors your baby during sleep and tracks the slightest motion. There are ways to stop SIDS, and one of them is this little gadget. The hero will vibrate to raise your baby after 15 seconds without movement. No motion after five more seconds, That’s going to sound an alarm.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

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Podiatrist Dr. Harvey Karp invented the Snoo. There are three microns, a speaker, and 2 motors that generate rocking movements that are intended to improve sleep for up to two more hours a night. He listens to cries and hears and rocks immediately. Parents will also be warned if a baby needs more care.

iBaby Air

The iBaby Air is the ideal air quality control for your room. It is also the purifier. The detectors may include carbon monoxide, benzene, alcohol, methane and ammonia, and smoke from cigarettes. The ion purifier is also available. An audio-speaker and RGB light to create a relaxing atmosphere are other features.


The Owlet Smart Sock monitors heart rate and level of oxygen and will alert you when something looks wrong in real-time. You receive three socks that match the actual sensor and size from 0-18 months. It connects via Bluetooth and sends updates to the green glowing app and base station to let you know if everything is right.

Hatch Baby Grow

It’s not a changeable pad, the Hatch Baby Rise. It is made of watertight moisture and can track the weight of your baby and compare its growth percentile around the world. You will also find all the information you and your doctor care about to watch how much your baby is drinking and sleeping. And yes, even adjustments to the diaper can be registered.

4moms mamaRoo Swing

The 4moms mamaRoo is an intelligent kindergarten that replicates parents’ natural movements. Some of such movements are ‘car riding,’ ‘kangaroo,’ ‘tree swing’ and ‘wave.’ The Bluetooth is powered so that your mobile device can monitor movement and sound. The seat can be adjusted to a complete recline to any location.

BEABA Babycook Plus/Duo

In 15 minutes, the BEABA Babycook Plus enables you to make fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish foods for your baby. It’s a baby food processor basically that enables you to cook two plates at once by batch or by steam. It contains two bowls each containing 4.7 cups. Consider the original Babycook if you don’t need that much.

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