Latest Smart Gadgets for your Home


There are some amazing smart home gadgets that have changed the way we think and function in our homes. These are the latest smart home gadgets used widely today. Read more to know about these smart home gadgets.


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Alexa from Amazon has changed the way we use our gadgets at home. Today, every gadget in the house is connected to the internet and Alexa works as our personal assistant, fetching information and doing various things for us at our command. Alexa was first introduced through the Echo smart speaker in 2014. Since then, voice control gadgets have been an integral part of our lives. Alexa faces tough competition with Google Assistant and has yet, managed to carve a niche in the world of smart homes.

Echo and Echo Plus

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Echo device has recently launched its second generation device. The original one has upgraded audio, a cosmetic overhaul and some Alexa features. The original Echo is the first to make an entry into the world of smart speakers. Echo Plus device comes with an integrated Zidbee hub. This feature allows you to test the home automation waters without having to invest in a third-party hub. You can control many other appliances at home hands-free with Echo Plus and thereby reducing cost to stay connected with your smart home.

Philips Hue Starter Kits

This is a smart lighting system that can be controlled by Alexa. If you need automation for your lights, you can get these starter kits. The White Starter Kit comes with a 4 LED pack rated at 2700 kelvin. These also come with a hub that you will need to let everything work seamlessly. This gateway also enables you to let Alexa control your lights as per your voice command. This does not work without using an Echo device along with the setup. You will be amazed to find plug and play display at its finest. You can easily build-in 50 lights without using your WiFi network and complete the set up in just a few minutes. 

Wireless Burglar Home Security Alarm System

This burglar alarm system requires you to download the app on your mobile phone and remotely toggle the settings, contact numbers, etc directly from your phone. It allows the security system to alert you if there is any breach in the house and calls your saved numbers automatically. You can set the security system to work with Alexa for easier control.


A smartwatch has become a necessity today for all fitness freaks. Physical fitness is the new age mantra and almost every individual today is inclined towards physical fitness. There are some gadgets that help to enhance your physical fitness exercises and overall experience. These gadgets are available online on various e-commerce sites at affordable rates and you don’t have to go hunting from shop to shop to buy these.

These are some of the best and latest smart home gadgets that you can consider investing in.

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