Kitchen Gadgets 2015 – The Best Options To Go For

new kitchen gadgets 2015

Kitchens can’t be a working place if they do not have some basic gadgets like pots and pans. These are some traditional and important kitchen gadgets as without them cooking is not possible. But to lower down the kitchen workload and make more tasty food, you need to add some gadgets to it. You can check out the new kitchen gadgets 2015 and upgrade your kitchen and gain a new experience. Here are some of the best options to consider.

Hiku New Kitchen Gadgets 2015 

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If you want a smart device that can create a grocery list for you then hiku is the same device for you. It is an ultimate refrigerator magnet that can make a grocery list with the help of user scan barcodes or speak into the device. This list will be then forwarded to your mobile through hiku mobile app and remind you whenever you go to the grocery shop. You can also connect hiku to online grocery stores. If you always forget to buy grocery items even after going to the shop then this new kitchen gadget 2015 is one of the best things for you.

Imperial Spherificator New Kitchen Gadgets 2015

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Imperial spherificator is the world’s first automatic caviar pearl former. This gadget utilizes sodium alginate and calcium chloride to transform any liquefied substance into tiny balls with just pressing a button. Spherificator is one of the coolest new kitchen gadgets 2015. If you are thinking that this device is very complicated to use then you are wrong because the spherificator is very compact and simple to use.

Drop Recipe App

Drop recipe app is the best app for making delicious food. The working of this app is very simple as first it will enable users to select the recipe then after that you have to add the ingredients in your vessel and by putting the app scale you can know that you have added the right amount of ingredients or not. You can browse hundreds of recipes and can see their pictures and videos also. If you don’t have particular ingredients as written in the recipe then you don’t have to be worried as this app will suggest substitutions for those types of ingredients.

Yogurt Maker 

With this kitchen gadget, you can simply make the yogurt by just adding the essential ingredients into the yogurt maker and wait for two hours. Yes, it will take two hours to make yogurt but that should not be a problem because you can simply leave the yogurt maker and do the other work.

Anova Precision Cooker 

If you want to cook delicious sous vide dishes very easily then this cooker is the best tool for you. You can connect the Anova precision cooker to the Anova app either with Bluetooth or wifi. This app will also give you recipes for sous vide dishes.


New kitchen gadgets are very helpful for you as they can save your time and can provide you with tasty food. These gadgets are not too expensive also, so trying these gadgets at once will not be a bad idea.

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