Keep Your Computer Network Connected At All-Time In The Best Way Using This Connector!

You can have this cable adapter if you want your computer network to be connected all the time. This adapter will allow your hardware to work with some other incompatible device. You may find many adapters in the market like video adapters, electrical adapters, network adapters, and audio adapters. Electrical adapters generally convert the high incoming voltage to low voltage, which is suitable for a small electronic device like a radio. It prevents the internal components of a device from frying up. All the desktop computers have adapters built into the internal power supply. Audio adapters and video adapters can adapt any one interface type to another connector type. But, here you have the cable adapter. Cable adapters are wires covered in plastic that will transmit data or power between locations or devices. It is a kind of cord, plug, or Connector. You will find two types of cables, a power cable and a data cable. A data cable will provide communication between different devices. A power cable will power the device. Cable adapters can help you to connect your computer network with any other device. Here, buy this modular design cable adapter. 

Buy This Frame Network Cable Adapter – Cabinet Pass, Patch Panel


  • Brand Name: SONOVO
  • Type: Cable Adapter
  • Package: Yes
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Model Number: PN-5PRE
  • The texture of material: Gold plating, PC plastics, Quality cold rolled steel
  • Technology: Assemble
  • Durability: No less than 750
  • Echo loss: 9.8 dB
  • Scope of application: Integrated wiring network engineering
  • Applicable cable type: 26,22,23 and 24 AWG cables
  • Package includes: (1) Patch Panel
  • Modular design
  • Mounting size: 19 inches
  • Material: Phosphor Bronze, Cold Rolled Steel, PC
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  • These adapters can easily adapt to ever-evolving technology that will always continue to dominate the machine sector and computers. It will help you a lot in connecting power cables and communication. A cable adapter always fulfills the need to connect two cables. 
  • Circular cable Connectors can provide a very protective barrier. You might know that two open ends of a cable lead to the loss of power and data. And, the cable adapter helps in minimizing this data loss. It provides the protection and strength which every cable connection needs. 
  • Power lines, industrial areas, and telecommunication need cable connectors. They transmit electricity, data, or even signals. In that case, cable connectors are easy to set up and prevent transmission loss. 
A circuit board


  • Sometimes, it results in the loss of speed. And both the devices start working slowly. 
  • It may provide trouble in making a connection or goes bad, which results in frustration. And, after frequent use, they work intermittently or stop working. 


It is essential to have a good quality cable adapter if you want to avoid extra trouble. You can buy this cable adapter as it will reduce all cable clutter and will make your work organized.

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