Is Virtual Reality the New Age of Reality?

Virtual Reality is something that has captivated millions across the world with its marvelous abilities. We would sometimes wish that we could just shape reality in the way we want it to. Previously, it was only possible through games, movies and so on. However, the tech has really pushed its limits.

Technological Advancements are mainly inclining towards Artificial Intelligence, and every gadget comes enabled with it. It is true that humans have become so close to the technology that we are almost dependent on it. Therefore, it is safe to assume that virtual reality is definitely the new dawn.

The Inception and Growth

Is Virtual Reality the New Age of Reality?

The concept of virtual reality took roots as early as the 1980s when scientists were discovering this new concept of creating something so vivid that it would blow their minds away. A V.R. trailblazer named Jaron Lanier wrote a memoir called, “The Dawn of New Everything”. He revisits revitalizing a technology by giving a description of a 200-foot-tall amethyst octopus in the virtual world. He describes it with an opening in its head. Once you are inside it, there would be nothing but a cave containing a bed where you can just lose yourself and sleep.

Foray into Digital World

The concept sounds invigorating yet a bit weird. If we were to explain it simply, virtual reality basically connects your soul and makes things real in the observer’s perspective. The more concrete example for this would be the Matrix Trilogy that aptly described virtual reality in the digital world. It is safe to say that our world, which in essence is the digital world, is no different than virtual reality.

When we see the smart gadgets that propagate Virtual Reality through VR Boxes, it is a simulation of the real world on television or any other medium. Since the time of its inception, the concept grew into a full-blown theory and now it is making history since it would be a reality soon enough.

Virtual Reality in the 21st Century

2010 saw a massive surge in technological advancements. Indeed, there was the introduction of China gadgets and gadgets that originated by reputed firms. 2010 also saw the coming of the very first Oculus Rift developed by Oculus VR, a division of social media giant Facebook Inc. It was only a prototype that was built out on another VR headset. Some of its features contained a 360-degree rotational tracking view and a 90-degree field of vision. It was because of Oculus that Facebook sought after them and bought the company outright in $3 billion.

New Virtual Reality Concepts

Fast forward to 3 years, a game development company called Valve Corporation put out some great new concepts in low-persistence displays providing seamless viewing of Virtual Reality content. This enabled Oculus to create some smart gadgets and china gadgets on this specific theory making a more stabilized version of VR headsets, and thus 2014 saw the creation of a SteamSight prototype.

Is Virtual Reality the New Age of Reality?

SteamSight contained an unforgettable experience for the enthusiasts containing 1K display rate, less persistence, tracking capacity over a wide area and a new compact lens technology called Fresnel Lenses. HTC followed suit and put forth its own technological advancement in the form of HTC Vive. They introduced a technology called LightHouse which would be wall-mounted and also uses infrared rays for tracking.

2014 saw Sony unveil Morpheus or rather we call it the PlayStation VR that was designed for Sony PlayStation 4. Even Google announced their own VR box called Cardboard which can be mounted on your smartphones. 2016 saw a spike of over 200+ companies in this domain and it is definitely a plus point in the digital world.

The New Age of Reality

The digital world is changing day by day with repeated technological advancements in this domain. As such, people have started thinking about VR as the new reality.

In conclusion, it is the absolute truth that would be hard to digest. There are job profiles which are in sync with VR. Also, there are some smart gadgets and china gadgets that have completely revolutionized our very perspective of reality. There are challenges that would be faced since the technology is new. However, that is the way things function and the new generation will embrace it without hesitation. So the answer is yes, virtual reality is uncompromisingly the new age of reality.

Is Virtual Reality the New Age of Reality?
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