iRobot Brava Jet 240 Review

The cleanliness of your house where you reside is the simplest way of living in a healthy environment. Mopping the house can be a hideous task but it is an essential and effective way to keep a residence clean, which is a step ahead to cleanliness. Here the iRobot Brava jet 240 takes your role which disgusts you. These dedicated mopping robots are specifically designed to keep your hard floors spotless and keep you apart of the hassle. It is an intelligent piece of tech and a gift of modern technology indeed. It seems interesting right, so let’s hop into it, take it apart and try to figure out how it works and its lead role in your daily life!

To start up with it should be kept clear that it is not a robot vacuum that uses suction to suck up dirt. To shock you up in the first place it is very compact. The bot measures only 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches and is only 1.6 kilograms in terms of weight and is easily transportable. With its compact dimensions, it can easily fit into compact places like kitchen, bathrooms and so on. 

iRobot Brava Jet 240 Review: A Mopping Robot For Small Spaces
iRobot Brava Jet 240 Review: A Mopping Robot For Small Spaces

iRobot Brava: Clear Button And Eject

Further, the jet only features a clean button and eject on the top used for start-to, and to set up virtual barriers. There is a water tank and a pad to mop with jutting out from the underside. It’s so simple that even kids can start her up. The front and back houses nozzles and battery placement compartments.

Now keeping its physical aspects aside let’s focus on how to gets to work for beginners to know it has the capability to clean a king-size room in just a few minutes, and claims of replicating 100% of human cleaning style. It has three modes.

Wet Mopping

In this mode, the jet does scrubbing in a back-and-forth and side-by-side motion in a triple pass over. This mode uses the most water and can clean up to 200 sq feet.

Damp Mode

In this mode, the pass over is reduced to two and wipes are only in a back and forth direction. The range is 250 sq feet.

Dry Mode

It is an oscillating mode in which there is a single pass over in forwarding lines and range is 250 sq feet or a tad more.

It uses color-coded disposable mops- a blue one for wet, white for dry and orange for damp setting for easier selection, two of which are free. Replacement is supplied by the company at A marginal cost. It has an intelligent system built within which lets it since obstacle and maneuver around it to get back to the original track. Setting it up is a breeze for it does not dock up with a wall and comes with a detachable battery. So just slip the battery in tuck the mop and its good to go! 

iRobot Brava Jet 240 Review: A Mopping Robot For Small Spaces
iRobot Brava Jet 240 Review: A Mopping Robot For Small Spaces

Cool Feature Of The iRobot Brava App

Another cool feature is the iRobot app although the brava jet 240is independent in terms of users logging in the app gives the user access to remotely operating the device. Like setting timers and turning the device on or off. One should definitely give it try, it just makes life easier!

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