Top Smart Home Gadgets

The world has fully embraced the innovation of smart home gadgets. These gadgets make our daily lives more comfortable and more convenient. Almost every modern home has a smart home device that lets individuals do basic things like turning off the lights and play music while sitting in one spot. Some of the top smart home gadgets let you lock your doors remotely, turn on your lights via your smartphone, and so many others. Apart from ensuring convenience, smart home gadgets can help you save costs and time.

There has been a rapid growth of smart home gadget brands. However, not all of their devices are top-notch. Below are three top smart home gadgets for you.


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This home security camera has impeccable video quality regardless of the time of day. It has a convenient scheduling feature and agile motion detectors. Although this device is not waterproof and needs to be connected to a power source, it is an excellent choice for an indoor surveillance system.


This smart home device is a smart bulb with a hub that allows connectivity to other smart devices. The bulbs’ colours cannot be altered, but their brightness can be adjusted to your convenience. The Philip hue is compatible with many smart home systems like Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

The smart lights can be synchronized with multimedia content on windows PC or Mac via its app. This means that the lights can be set to flash in time with video, music, and movies as they play on your PC.


What is better than a great doorbell? A video doorbell. The Nest Hello video doorbell lets you see visitors at your door when they ring before answering the door. This video doorbell is one of the best smart home gadgets currently as it possesses the highest recording quality amongst its counterparts.

This device is so efficient that it has a face recognition feature that announces your guests when they arrive at your door; exceptional microphones and speakers enable this announcement. The smart lock feature lets your trusted friends and family into your apartment when you may be asleep or not around to let them in. The Nest Hello records video at all times, so you do not miss whatever goes on in your absence. Although you need a monthly subscription to gain access to all of its features, it is worth it.


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