How to Make Technology Gadgets at Your Home

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If you are a big lover of creating crafty items then we are sure that you will love these amazing ideas for making technology gadgets in the comfort of your home. Some of you might have not tried any of these or tried once and ran out of patience. That’s quite okay because these DIY ideas are not only simple but interesting and usable for you.

We have gathered some tech gadgets concepts as the DIY items are in hype these days. From antennas to stoves, heaters, speakers, air conditioners, three ideas will amaze and surprise you. You can make these technological gadgets at your home with just pennies and impress your peers thoroughly.

WiFi Antenna

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To make the WiFi Antenna you will have to spend just five bucks, and you’ll need:

  1. An N-type mount connector
  2. Internet modem
  3. Around one and a half-inch of 12-gauge copper wire
  4. Drill
  5. Four nuts and bolts
  6. Soldering Iron
  7. Permanent Marker
  8. Ruler
  9. A tin can with 3 inches of diameter


  • Drill holes on the tin can methodically after measuring the dimensions of the connector. The ideal way to begin the drill is to drill smaller than larger. If you don’t have a drill, use a nail and file to make it large.
  • Cut the wire with solder iron with 1.21 inches of length so it will go past the connector. You will need to keep it as straight as possible. After cooling it, attach it to the can by using nuts and bolts.
  • Connect the antenna you just created to the access point or wireless card.

Rocket Stove

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The supplies that you will need to make a rocket stove are high heat spray paint, wire hanger, marker, heavy-duty gloves, tin snips, insulation, 10 can with lid, extra can, two large 28oz cans.


  •  With a small can lid, trace a circle and cut it with your tin snips.
  • Mark the small can inside the can and cut it using the same lid.
  • Cut the last one and put it inside the two cans.
  • Trace another circle with the lop lip using one of the smaller cans and cut it. 
  • Fill it with insulation and make a shelf.
  • Add a handle and spray the paint. Time for launching your rocket stove.

Homemade Smartphone Projector

You can create your movie projector at home using just some fundamental household elements, magnifying glass, a shoebox, tablet, or mobile device. In today’s market, there are many movie projectors of various renowned companies. However, they can become a bit expensive for your budget.

That is why we should make something of our own. There are multiple tutorials out on the internet for you to follow along and make something amazing. Attach that projector with your TV console, or DIY media center and enjoy a movie night with your family and friends.


There are so many more ideas to make technology gadgets out there that it can become quite overwhelming. Thus, start with these three gadgets, and you will find your confidence to make many more.

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