How Do Modern Gadgets Change Our Lives?

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Modern Gadgets – look at a typical day in an average adult’s life. This will assume you live in a first-world country and are in employment in a business setting. Now let us discuss modern gadgets.

Your electronic alarm clock wakes you up for work.

You brush your teeth with an electronic toothbrush that has a timer to let you know once you have touched for the appropriate length of time.

Your coffee maker already had brewed your morning cup of coffee, having started the brewing process a few minutes before your alarm went off.

You use a microwave with electronic timers and sensors to heat some breakfast.

You check your email and maybe the traffic or other news before heading into work using your cell phone.

You use an electronic key fob to unlock your car

You use an automatic garage door opener to operate the garage door.

Your car has an electronic motor controller in it that is continually making adjustments based on dozens of variables.

More On How Modern Gadgets to Help

Your commute controls by traffic lights that are controlled by electronics.

The heater in your car turns on due to a thermostat in your vehicle. It detects the temperature dropped below a preset temperature.

When you get to work, you use your RFID card to get into the parking garage.

Gadgets And Their Importance In Our Life
Gadgets And Their Importance In Our Life

You use an electronic time tracking system to “punch in.”

However, when you get to your desk, you log into your electronic computer using an electronic keyboard and mouse

Moreover, Your boss calls you, but before the call reaches your phone it goes through an automatic switch that determines how to route the call

However, Your voice is digitalized using electronics. Before being sent to your bosses phone where additional electronics turn it back into audio

Your boss informs you that he needs you to email him a presentation you put together moreover for him so he can present it to a client.

The act of emailing that presentation involves dozens of electronic devices, including network switches, routers, firewalls, etc…

More On This

At lunch, you buy a slice of pizza with your credit card. Your credit card details are sent electronically to the payment processor. 

That afternoon you need to do some market research. However, While browsing the Internet, you are accessing dozens of servers and possibly hundreds of individual network components in data centers all over the world. 

How Do Modern Gadgets Change Our Lives?
How Do Modern Gadgets Change Our Lives?

Few More Benefits

You, however, accidentally stay too late at work and are the last one to leave. You need to use the electronic control panel for the security system to arm the building alarm before you go.

However, You know your wife was planning on cooking a special dinner for you, so you decide to take the toll road with electronic tolls to get home faster.

After dinner, you decide to watch some television

However, You use your phone to dim your smart LED light bulbs

However, While laying you can’t sleep, so you choose to stream a podcast from the Internet using your phone

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