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Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide

Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide

When it comes to buying headphones and earphones, you will quickly get confused because of the number of models you get to choose from. Your intended use will help you in narrowing down the choices.

Of course, sound quality plays an important role when choosing these devices, but for many individuals, big bass is more important. Other important factors include comfort, isolation, portability, fit, and weight. Here we will be having a look at headphones and earphones- how to choose.

Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide
Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide

Headphones And Earphones: How To Choose?

You need to consider several factors when it comes to choosing headphones and earphones. The elements are as follows:

Comfort And Fit

Wearing a headphone briefly will not help you in understanding whether the product is a perfect fit for you. It is only when you wear a headphone for an extended time that it starts feeling uncomfortable. So, when choosing a headphone, try wearing it for a minimum of twenty minutes before deciding on comfort.

If you are going for headphones that are worn on the ears, it is better to stick with smaller designs. However, circumaural and closed-back headphones should have large ear cups. Leather or fabric padding will soften the pressure on the ears.


Yet another essential factor to consider when it comes to finding the comfort level offered by a headphone is weight. It is always a good idea to go for light headsets because they tend to be more comfortable. Portable and super-light headsets featuring foam pads are perfect for extended listening periods.

Headphones And Earphones: Consider Features That Influence Comfort

The headband in a headset influences its comfort level. Majority of the headphones available in the market feature over-the-head style headbands. However, you can even get hold of behind-the-neck headphones. In these headsets, the earbuds generally dispense along with the band, and therefore, they are more comfortable.

Regardless of what type of headband you are choosing, make sure it is easily adjustable. The rotating cup of a headset also plays a vital role in enhancing its comfort. It goes especially in the case of over-the-ear headphones. These headphones can easily be adjusted for reducing leakage and increasing comfort.

Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide
Headphones And Earphones Buying Guide


Anything you buy for the right amount of money should last for a long time. Unluckily, the durability of a headset comes with weight. High-priced headsets are light in weight, and they tend to last for a very long time. But then you need to ensure their replacement parts are readily available. Avoid going for lightweight sets because they can easily get damaged or snapped on. Considering the durability of a headphone is crucial because it is more affordable to replace an ear pad or a cable than to get a new headset altogether.

Portability Of Headphones And Earphones

Portability is not an issue with the modern-day headsets available in the market. There are lightweight portables available for music and fitness enthusiasts. Going for fold-up headsets is a good idea because they are both portable and strong. They are perfect for travel purposes.

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