Has Technology Made The World A Better Place?

Technology has been a prime mover of globalized developments across multiple sectors. From expanding banking facilities to the rural regions to creating space for virtual reality experiences in the urban cities, technology has played a significant role in almost everything. In fact, modern society remains indebted to the various technological innovations that have made lives easier, more comfortable, and well-secured.

The advent of Cutting-edge Technology

The advent of cutting-edge technology has streamlined work procedures, strengthened the conventional means of communication, and introduced the latest infrastructure and facilities in education, agriculture, banking, information technology, and other fields. Due to these, people find it easier to fulfill their daily needs in a more efficient and resourceful manner.

Be it booking cabs for quick transport or ordering food from the nearest restaurants, technological advancements in software applications have carved a flexible and convenient path for the consumers of the present generation.

Increase in Industrial Growth

Similarly, it has boosted industrial growth around the world. Today, nearly every industry in the worldwide society is being increasingly dependent upon the unlimited potential of technological tools. Such resources account for powerful functionality, customized solutions, hassle-free maintenance, and cost-efficiency. The technology-driven gadgets have achieved more prominence than even human staff in various organizations. Although the number of such instances is few, the rapid expansion of such advancements is influencing many.

Redefining Society

People also use technology for creating their own, independent world beyond the physical planet. This space, which is commonly referred to as the virtual world, is redefining society, culture, thought-process, and life as a whole. The virtual platforms provide an array of products and services such as technology-enabled gadgets that best suits the varied requirements of today’s customers.

These portals have also connected people from all the corners of the world. Moreover, the interactive tools of the virtual mediums encourage cross-continent and cross-cultural interactions. Overall, technology has been able to transform humanity in all respect.

Improvement in Quality of Lives

While making visible advancements in the quality of human lives, technology has inserted the seeds of different inabilities that are invisible in nature. Firstly, it has worsened the memory power and thinking process of every individual. For every small thing, people, including small children, depend on technology. Students respond better to smart education systems than conventional mediums such as books and lectures. They spend a substantial amount of time learning from the Internet. As a result, they become less patient, tend to lose focus and concentration in the real world and only remain engrossed with digital education platforms.

Secondly, the smart technology of gadgets has made people unsmart. While individuals enjoy virtual conversations, in the real world, they lack the minimum courage to initiate talks, discuss their opinions and actively participate in discussion forums. Such behaviors gradually withdraw them from the actual society, where they live. They lack a physical connection with friends, neighbors, and family.

Share of Cons

Lastly, technology has given birth to a new genre of crimes. Commonly known as cyber crimes, the unlawful activities are untraceable for most of the times. People involved in it, make better use of gadgets and other mechanisms to create panic and spread terror among the common people. Despite the presence of dedicated cyber cells to handle such crimes, most criminals and burglars enjoy a narrow escape.

Double-edged Sword

Therefore, technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it has leveraged a convenient lifestyle through improvements in education and other fields. On the other, it has severely impacted people’s mind, behavior and social attitudes. While most people favor the advancements of better software and technology, others constantly question about its real impact. Thus, the question of technology making a better world is a matter of strong debate and intense discussion. A uniform conclusion about its current role and future prospects are yet to be drawn.

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