Google New Gadgets – Tips On Tracking Mobile And Stationary Devices

google new gadgets

A tracking system is used to govern persons or assets by giving timely whereabouts and location.  Tracking systems can be either ‘lag time’ which is tracked after they have passed a point or ‘real time’ or ‘near real time’ which gives information on the go. Today, one can use their Smartphone to track mobile or stationary since it is easy to carry around.  

Google New Gadgets 

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Here are some useful tips to manage and track these mobile and stationary devices:

● Labeling: If your item is not previously labeled with a manufacturer’s barcode, one can avail free services in order to generate QR codes or some NFC tags that come with sequential numbers or purchase printed labels. 

● Select suitable management software: Since accurate information is needed at all times, one needs to select a package that will effectively combine the mobile application with a  back-end that is cloud-based for distributing and storing data.

● Feed the assets into the system: All the information needed needs to be collected and entered into the system. By using the Smartphone, one can easily scan the asset label (which was earlier planted), enter the information, and feed it to the main database.

● Initial inventory count: To keep track of the devices, one needs to have prior information on the whereabouts of both the mobile and stationary assets. And so, an inventory count has to be done. By scanning, one can get an overview of all items under possession.

Google New Gadgets – Some useful tips

If a separate tracking device is being used as opposed to the Smartphone tracking system, some of these tips will be useful:

● Keep it charged: One has to make sure that the device is fully charged so as to prevent any interruption in its functioning. 

● Position properly: Proper positioning of the device extremely important as most devices require good reception in order to function effectively. It is all the more important if the device works wirelessly or through cellular transmission.

● Know the service provider: One must be aware of the time duration of storage that is being provided since most services are of limited time. If the storage provided is not sufficient, one can consider downloading the raw data on their own and store them in a secured place.

● Hard-wire: An effective way to save time from the need to recharge is by hard-wiring the device to the assets that need to be tracked routinely. Hard-wiring can prevent the big challenge of running out of battery. 

● Manage to schedule: Battery life, information quality, and service cost can be managed by scheduling the frequency of reports. A small adjustment can save a lot of money and increase the time of operation.


By using a phone tracking app, one can have a secure platform to manage all the devices, be it stationary or mobile. It provides instant visibility of the object in question and lays a strong foundation to prevent losses. Besides, one must remember that getting the phone tracked and entering someone else’s privacy better have a proper excuse since it is illegal and when done for wrong purposes, you could get locked up in a bad way.

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