Gadgets For Students – Advantages & Disadvantages

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gadgets For Students
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gadgets For Students

Gadgets have made our lives easier. With the advent of innovative gadgets, we lead a far more comfortable life than we used to lead once upon a time. In the classroom, we have greater access to information and we can learn things with little or no difficulties. But every coin has two sides. It has no doubt benefited the students to a large extent. However, the disadvantages are also not to be overlooked. Nowadays students are one of the primary users of gadgets and we see gadgets for students specifically available in the market.

The Boom Of Technology And Gadgets

With the technological advances in recent years, our households are getting increasingly populated with smart gadgets. These tools are a product of decades of human innovation and relentless toil. Men, from the caves to palaces have come a long way. With the knowledge and skill accumulated through the centuries, it has now been possible to live and learn easily and make human advancement. For every small task, we now have helping hands called gadgets. They assist us in performing our daily chores, in our studies and in our classrooms. Learning has become more fun and seems like a more productive task to do. The scenario has drastically changed over the years by the virtue of different gadgets to help us.

Advantages Of Gadgets On Students

Gadgets have improved different spheres of our life. They have added fun to the tasks that we perform every day. In education, they have successfully transformed boring lecture sessions into enjoyable smart study sessions. Here is how gadgets have impacted a student’s life in a good way –

  • It is now possible for a student to take to independent learning. No longer the student has to rely on his teachers and guides for academic guidance. Every piece of information is now easily available at their fingertips. This has never been easier.
  • Another great example is collaborative learning. Gadgets have made possible for different students to collaborate on a single topic. In this way, they can work on a project despite being in different places. This has resulted in churning out of new ideas and perspectives on a single project.
  • Gadgets have made our classrooms enjoyable. Who wants to listen to boring lectures all day? Now we have smart classes. We watch educative videos and learn our lessons in an exciting way.

Disadvantages Of Gadgets On Students

  • On the downside excess of technology is a distraction for students. Very often students get addicted to gadgets. Often they open their phones to search the meaning of a particular term. Soon after, they start watching cat videos.
  • Gadgets often hamper the attention span of the students. People who use excessive gadgets are found lacking attention in a regular class.
  • Gadgets disturb the routine of the students. Many students keep using their phones until late at night. As a result, they wake up late. It is also a waste of time, instead, they could invest that time on their academics.


Gadgets are meant to be used by us. It depends on the students how they use it. Proper use of gadgets can add to faster learning and open up a whole universe of information and innovation to the students.

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