Gadgets and Children

Technology plays a vital role in today’s world that is filled with cutting-edge gadgets. Moreover, the youngest members in a family embrace technology in a much efficient manner when compared to others. From a long time, there is a long-raging debate whether these fun gadgets affect kids in a positive or a negative manner. Moreover, these fun gadgets have a profound impact on a child’s mental and physical development.

List of Fun Gadgets For Children

Here is a list of top fun gadgets for young boys and girls.

1. Dot – The Code-Teaching Robot

The Dot is an innovative and award-winning robot powered by IoT. Moreover, the robot teaches coding to children between the ages of 6 to 9. Children can learn to code in a fun way by planning, building, testing, debugging, and refining the code.

Colorful Robot

The robot responds by changing colors, light patterns, vibrations, and sounds. Additionally, the robot encourages problem-solving skills and enhances creativity. It has a large collection of puzzles, lesson plans, and robotic challenges. Thus, it is a set of perfect gadgets for young boys and girls.

2. Lumo Interactive Projector

Featuring in a list of gadgets for kids, the Lumo Play is an interactive projector. It allows to create, and manage a range of interactive displays. The fun gadget supports motion sensing, gesture recognition, and touch interaction to bring liveliness.

Travel To a Magical World

Children are transported to a magical world. They use their creativity to create new worlds. There are pre-stored games and patented template system used for creating custom games that require no special components. Finally, it features in the list of safety gadgets due to its child-friendly interface. Also, it is compatible with many devices.

3. Ubooly

 Ubooly is a furry toy that also doubles up as a child’s best friend. The toy keeps the children occupied for months with games, fun experiments, stories, and many more. The content for the interactive toy has been curated by educators and professional writers.

Enhance Cognitive Learning

This makes it the perfect toy for enhancing the children’s cognitive learning and to keep them active throughout the day. The Ubooly comes equipped with hundreds of clever activities. Also, it sends new content wirelessly to kids. It beats the boredom of monotonous content. It is a safety gadget.

4. R.E.V. App-Enabled Battle-Cars

The R.E.V. app-enabled battle cars are the perfect fun gadgets in the market. The app provides a seamless interface for controlling the speed and direction of the car. The battle car comes as a pair and is perfect for combat operations.

Smart AI Technology

By using Artificial Intelligence technology, the characters can be imparted with a personality of their own. The car possesses BeaconSense technology with an indoor GPS that senses the surrounding objects and the type of surface. It allows flexibility in tracking the status and location of the car in real-time.

5. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

The View-Master Virtual Reality starter pack is also a perfect safe gadget. The virtual reality kit can be used with your smartphone and is capable of transporting kids to a new world.

Virtual Reality World

The app is available for both Android and iOS. You have to download and set it up on your smartphone. After the setup, slide the phone inside the kit and get a perfect 360-degree view. Using this safe gadget, kids can move their heads in various directions to explore the virtual world.

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