Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets

Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets

We are all heading to see and learn about all the happenings of the world within a second. A gadget freak collects a gadget in their hand and feel the fantastic news and also the answer to your findings. Nowadays, smartphones, TVs, notepad, cell phones, iPods, laptop, and various types of devices can be used as a gadget. The tools are changing day by day, and you are unable to collect the current equipment which came into the market. The old model devices are obsoleting quickly as the new technology with hundreds of facilities comes to replace it. For example, the former model TV with picture tube is totally off from the market, as the new high dynamic range TV set arrives with better technology with natural colors and can be seen with the help of WIFI, and network connections.

Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets
Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets

Thoughts While Having Broken Devices

When you are compromising to be up-to-date with new devices, you should have to think of the old equipment you are leaving aside. Think about your old TV set, if it gets a fire, or if you have a high voltage of electricity burning the TV, what you will do. First, you will think of repairing it, and then you can think of the money you have to spend on repairing the TV or buy a new set. There are six rules for rescuing the dead gadgets you should follow.

Gadget Freak: Six Rules Foe Rescuing Dead Gadgets

Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets
Gadget Freak: Six Rules For Rescuing Dead Gadgets

When your cell phone or laptop run’s over by lightning, you have to purchase a new one, but sometimes some technical fault arises by lousy software or loose connections, then you have to think of repairing it. Knowing the cost of the repairmen, you have to make some decisions, and here are some rules to obey.

How Dead Is It

First, you have to pay some fees for diagnosing the problem of your device to the technical person, or take the device to a professional repair shop and ask them to diagnose the issue of the set. The CEO of a PC support business claims that a large number of calls are coming for repairing VCRs and iPods, and they are charging 88 dollars for an hour to diagnose the problem.

How Old Is It

The technology of the smartphone, dell phone, and MP3 players are changing very fast; the product you want to buy can be obsolete after a month. But, the technology of the VCR, tube-based TV, and speaker are not changeable so years, and you can think of repairing them. You can find repairing shops with a massive stock of the repairing parts in your locality to repair your device.

How Much It Will Cost

Some technical consultant says that you can spend 40% of the money on repairing the device comparing the cost of a new one. Some think about the age of the set; that is, if the device is three years old, then you can repair it with half the cost of a new one.

Where Do You Go

You can go for the list of the authorized repair shop or contact the original company for a repair shop in your locality to repair the device. Obtain a written guarantee before giving the apparatus for servicing.

What About Your Data

Before giving the device for repairing, make sure to back up your data. The most device now has an automatic back up system.

Can You Fix It Yourself

If you find it costly for repairing the device, you can open it up and follow the instruction of the consumer fact and queries and start improving it.


You can wait for the price to fall for the device you want to buy or still carry with the old one for the time being.

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