Essential Gadgets to Make Traveling More Enjoyable

Tourism is the most evolving industry. Indeed, the number of people traveling keeps on increasing every day. Technology has stepped in to make traveling more comfortable with state-of-the-art smart and portable devices. Therefore, these smart new gadgets keep you organized on the move and are key travel essentials.

Here is a list of trending travel gadgets or essentials that make traveling a much more enjoyable experience for travelers.

1.  HD Camera Sunglasses

The Spectacles 2 original HD camera sunglasses are exclusively for recording short videos for Snapchat. This essential gadget comprises a button that records a 10-second video and can be extended to record video for 30 seconds. Moreover, the sunglasses are also capable of snapping pictures and can capture 70 videos in a single charge. The sunglasses are water-resistant and can be synced wirelessly with other gadgets.

2. Flask cum flashlight

Another one of the trending travel gadgets that feature in our list is the VSSL flask. The flask doubles up as a flashlight as well. The flask is made from glass as the material is suitable for preserving the freshness of the beverage. Moreover, the upper side of the flask doubles up as a flashlight that comes very handy during travel. This new gadget is compact, versatile, and portable and is very essential for travel.

3. Baggage Compressor

The Vago baggage compressor makes space for more luggage space by compressing all the air from it. As such, travelers can create extra luggage space with this new gadget. The vacuum compressor can reduce the size of the baggage by nearly 50% and is one of the perfect travel essentials for travelers.

4. Portable Wi-Fi mesh

Another trending travel gadget that features in our list is the goTenna mesh. This new gadget is paired to the smartphone to relay texts and GPS location to other goTenna devices in the vicinity. This gadget is a travel essential as a user can create their own network on the go with secure data exchange. Indeed, the mesh protocol enables the user to privately message and broadcast a message over the network in case of an emergency during the absence of a cellular network.

5. Mini Steam Iron

Wrinkled clothes are a huge drawback to travelers as clothes are in the baggage for a long time. To avoid embarrassing situations, the Steamfast mini steam iron is the perfect travel gadget. The mini travel essential boasts of quick heating time in just 15 seconds and is suitable for all types of fabrics. This essential gadget removes wrinkles from fabrics and comprises an anti-slip handle with a long cord for ease of use.

6. Portable Water Purifier

A portable water purifier is a very handy tool while traveling to avoid water-borne infections. The Grayl ultra-light water purifier features in our list of trending travel gadgets due to its compactness and versatility. The water purifier is efficient and helps to remove 99.9999% of viruses, bacterias, and other organisms. The purifier’s filter removes particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals with zero aftertastes and odor. Its one-touch press provides purified drinking water in just 15 seconds directly from the source.

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