Essay About Modern Technology And Gadgets – The Developments We Should Know

essay about modern technology and gadgets

Modern technology and gadgets are literally ruling it all and it has been integrating itself into our daily lives. Smartphones have provided access to the internet, emails, and various such business applications in small handheld devices with easily portable. Emailing, text messaging, social networking, and other facilities can keep the businesses connected to their clients even in wee hours. So the companies might wish to issue company phones. It is better to access project management software’s which can be accessed remotely and from wherever you want. 

Essay About Modern Technology And Gadgets 

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Simply put, it is a broad term for connected devices to communicate with other connected devices through embedded sensors and wireless networks which is mainly cellular or Wi-Fi. Providing company phones to the employees will bring huge productivity in terms of time-saving, excellent customer satisfaction, and being available anytime if any sudden crisis occurs. Demerits of implementing this technology can be a huge cost burden on the employer by providing smartphones to all employees or even the employees of hierarchical eminence. 

Using 6G Network

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Of course, the network change is causing a difference in the usage of technology as it brings a lot of efficiency. It’s a three-dimensional connection and coverage to all kinds of space and terrain. This means it can connect anywhere and at any time. The communication requirements would change in the upcoming years. The cellular network should be able to expand the geographical space and allow access to communication in zones like space, higher altitudes, and underwater. In upcoming decades, there would be more opportunities for people to travel in outer space with the rapid advancement in the field of science and technology. This technology would allow the users to communicate in broader scenarios such as deserts or polar regions and at any given time or place. Achieving ubiquitous connectivity would make this estimations a reality in future.

Network Features

Lastly the narrower beam and stronger anti jamming ability would help in achieving a secure communication within the radius of 2.5 km. It is a promising technology and with its introduction has a key technology in 6G networks, it can create an impact on human life. The different types of networks combined create a static mode. The 6G needs to aggregate the various types of technologies in a flexible and an intelligent way for adaptively meeting the diverse and complex business needs and scenarios.


Considering a basic industry of jobs, working on the desktop from the very starting of the day to the very end of it, one has to update every mail and work within the working hours. Every requirement has to be updated to the company by the employee in reference to the work while working in the organization. Such requirements cannot be fulfilled by the employee when out of the work environment. Giving prompt replies to customer demands can only be fetched at the time of working hours. Everybody is adapting the technological improvement and the companies are in the front line for the adaptation.

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