Electronic Prank Gadgets – Not Just For Stunts

electronic prank gadgets

The only thing you need is a computer, internet connection, phone, and a sense of humor. Pranksters from all over the world use these types of prank gadgets to make their friends laugh and to make themselves the center of attention. Some of the most popular electronic prank gadgets include cell phones, radio transmitters, and laptop computers. Here are some of the things that you can expect to find in today’s electronic gadgets.

Cell Phones

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Cell phones are one of the most common electronic prank gadgets found today. The funny message that flashes on your cell phone when someone calls it is something that is unique to each phone. You can also expect to find Bluetooth transmitters that allow you to send messages from your phone to others. The latest cell phones have cameras built into them and there are even “nanny cams” that record the behavior of your children while they are in your company. These and other clever pranks will keep your friends laughing for days to come.

If you want to try your hand at some electronic prank gadgets, there are plenty of online sources where you can buy the parts needed to build your own. You can also purchase electronic toys pranks that are great for children. The newest toys are so realistic that they actually scare the little ones! There are even remote control helicopters that you can control from a distance. In fact, this is such a new addition to the latest gadgets that the rc helicopters are sometimes available for rent. Remote control toys are always a big hit at parties and other events.

Using Their Cellphones As A Tool For A Prank

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Most people never think of using their cellphones as a tool for a prank, but this is one of the hottest new uses for the modern phone. The pranks range from sending text messages or SMS, to calling someone else, or playing some form of game with another person’s phone. With the rise of disposable cell phones, it seems that any old phone can be used as a prank. However, you should try not to make any calls when the other person is around.

Some of the older electronic prank gadgets include an egg timer. With this gadget, eggs will hatch at various times throughout the day. This will work well if you are trying to get neighbors or anyone else to call the police or sheriff department. Some people have placed eggs near water pipes so that when people turn them on they get zapped. This prank is also popular at children’s birthday parties.

Other Interesting Prank

Another interesting prank is to put a picture of a man sleeping on the beach on a piece of paper and hang it up on the door. Every time a passing person walks by, they will see this picture and laugh. Be sure to use very sensitive batteries so that the picture does not wake anyone up! And be sure to take down the photo once someone arrives! This can be a great way to let people have fun at your expense without really doing anything harmful like vandalizing the property or anything else.


If you’re looking for a good prank, try a camera flash or strobe light or something similar. People love to spot somebody doing something they shouldn’t be doing when there is a flashlight beam shining brightly! Electronic gadgets can help you create and advance your pranks. But use common sense with them and be careful not to do anything that could get you into trouble or cause permanent damage. And if you do happen to get caught, have fun!

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