Desk Gadgets That Will Keep You Entertained At Work

The majority of people spend more time in their office when compared to their homes. As such, it is necessary to create an environment that is stress-free and productive. The advent of technology has given rise to numerous electronic gadgets that double up as gadgets and help to be productive at work.

Here is a list of trending gadgets that will keep you entertained at work.

1. Portable Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee chases away work blues and Keurig K-Mini Plus portable electronic gadget that perfectly fits the bill. This small gadget brews a cup of fresh coffee within seconds, making it the perfect gadget. The coffee maker is easy to clean and is compact. The electronic gadget has an auto-off feature that conserves power and energy. This makes it the perfectly compatible pc gadget on your desktop.

2. Wireless Document Scanner

Doxie Q is a pc gadget that automatically scans your office documents. The electronic gadget comprises an automatic document feeder and memory. It can be integrated with various apps. The document feeder comprises stacks to scan up to 600 dpi and mini-slot to scan photos, cards, and fragile items. You can sync it to your personal computer or smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The scanned documents can be stored on your desktop or online storage services such as Dropbox and iCloud.

3. Portable Desk Vacuum

An easy way to keep your desk clean and tidy, the Barbuzzo desktop vacuum is the perfect gadget. This battery-operated trending gadget sucks up the dust and dirt easily with minimal effort. The miniature suction pumps easily suck up dust particles, making it the perfect addition to your desktop.

4. Mini Cooler cum Warmer

This convenient electronic gadget is perfect for keeping your beverages cool. The mini-fridge also doubles as a warmer to keep your food warm. This small trending gadget has a 4-liter cooler and warmer functionalities and is perfectly portable. You can use it to store a wide range of products. Moreover, the small gadget is energy-efficient, quiet, and is environmentally friendly. This trending gadget has AC and DC power cord for ultimate comfort.

5. Self-Watering Planter Pot

Any office desk can be livened up by keeping a potted plant but watering it can be a hassle as most plants are not compatible with pc gadgets. Therefore, to overcome this issue, a self-watering potted herb planter by Cole & Mason comes to the rescue. When compared to other potted plants, the self-watering plant requires 40% less water. The hydro-pad within the pot has a water supply up to a year and does not require constant watering. The pot’s carbon steel container prevents the water from drying up, making it the perfect small gadget for decorating your desktop.       

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