Crazy Smart Home Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

With advancements in technology, numerous smart gadgets are flooding the market. Customers prefer new gadgets to power their home. Indeed, the concept of smart homes is getting prominent. These smart gadgets are compact, require less human intervention and conserve power.

Crazy Smart Home Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

Crazy Home Gadgets

Here is a list of top crazy home gadgets that are perfect for your smart homes. These new gadgets are considered to be the next step in technological advancements.

1. Smart Water Sensor

Grohe Sense smart water sensor is a smart gadget that detects the leak and alerts the owner. Firstly, the owner is alerted via smartphone. The owner is notified regarding water temperature since extreme temperatures can havoc plumbing lines. Secondly, smart gadget detects leaks from freezers, washing machines, coolers, and other home appliances.

2. Smart Lights

Rendering the traditional light bulbs obsolete, the Nanoleaf Aurora smart lighting kits are the perfect home gadgets. They take care of your lighting solutions. This smart gadget comes with numerous light panels. It does not require any installation.

LED Lights and Wi-Fi Control

Secondly, this gadget has a panel of LED lights. They are connected to each other and controlled via Wi-Fi. Finally, the app changes the color and intensity of the light, making it the perfect advancement in technology.

3. Smart Temperature Controller

The Keen Home Zoning systems maintain an ambient temperature in your home. This new gadget is a smart controller. It has smart vents that redirect regular airflow from air-conditioned rooms to less conditioned rooms. Thus, it saves energy.

Perfect Ambience

Moreover, owners can use this smartphone app to control temperature settings remotely, making up the perfect ambiance. Using the TempSensor, the vents automatically sense the room temperature. Afterward, they redirect the airflow.

4. Smart Faucets

To minimize wastage of water, smart faucets from Kohler use voice control. It dispenses a measured amount of water. The smart gadget uses touch-free technology. It has a pull-down spray head that changes from stream mode to spray mode. The new gadgets have a sensor embedded on the faucet to monitor water usage and leaks. It sends all the information to the user’s smartphone app.

5. Smart Beds

To keep yourself alert and refreshed throughout the day, it is necessary to have a good sleep. The Sleep Number 360® smart bed ensures a good night’s sleep so you feel refreshed in the morning.

Intelligent Mattress

The smart gadget lets the user choose their ideal temperature and firmness of the mattress. It provides comfort and support options via a single touch. The smart home gadget senses the body movements. It adapts accordingly to ensure enhanced comfort. It monitors your sleep cycle and quality via the smartphone app.

6. Invisible Window Sensor

The Sensitive Z-Wave Plus smart window sensor is a technological advancement in smart home security. The new gadgets have a thin sensor that measures only 0.15 inches thick. It uses magnetic technology to detect open doors and windows.

When the magnetic signals are misaligned, the owner is alerted with an instant notification. The smart gadget is paired with home automation security system for efficient security.

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