Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 You Should Purchase Already

A person using a laptop

New gadgets are manufactured and introduced in the market now and then the craze of trying and testing these new gadgets draws the young minds towards purchasing these gadgets and trying them. With better technology, there has been wide-scale development of gadgets that are meant to make our lives easier. From cloud-connected devices, disguised smart televisions, virtual reality tools, and whatnot, the year 2015 saw a wide-scale growth and development in the field of electronic gadgets. Let’s discover some of these and know about them in detail.

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Curved/ Labs concept Apple Macintosh

A laptop sitting on a table

The curved/ labs concept of Apple Macintosh focused on bringing back the forgotten design of Apple’s first desktop computer. It has got the same technological components as the MacBook ‘air’.

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Lexus hoverboard prototype


Japanese luxury car makers introduced the concept of a hoverboard named ‘slide’. The board achieves frictionless movement by magnetic levitation and the permanent magnets and superconductors are cooled down by liquid nitrogen.

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Tesla power wall

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery called the Tesla power wall was introduced by Tesla. The basic motto behind designing this is to harness solar energy and then use it within your homes and save other exhaustible resources. It comes in two different power modes i.e. 10kW and 7kW. You can select the model of your choice as per your needs and you are all set to make the most out of solar power. 

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Microsoft hololens headset

This headset pushes the boundaries of virtual reality and introduces the user to a chance of witnessing 3D holograms. It provides the users with a new medium to express their creativity, and efficient teaching method, and an effective way to share ideas and visualize your work. 

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Palette computer controllers

Mouse and keyboard have been a part of a computer system for a long time. To change the existing system, a new concept of Palette computer controllers was introduced that had sliders, dials, and buttons which enabled the photographers and other creative workers to perform their tasks efficiently.

Coolest Electronic Gadgets 2015 – Camera restricta prototype by phillipp Schmitt

This camera is a revolutionary product that keeps track of the number of pictures captured, the location of capturing and restricts or allows the photographer to capture further shots. If the camera finds too many photos clicked from a single locale, it may stop the shutter and obscure the viewfinder.


It is strange how we have not even witnessed the presence of all these electronic gadgets in the market. New inventions now and then aim at making our lives better and improving our lifestyle. All these cool gadgets attract our attention and the great features that are included in them make them even cooler. When you invest in gadgets like these, it is more important to see how efficient it can make you and how useful it could be for you considering your daily activities rather than checking if it is trending in that particular year. 

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