Cool-Weather Gadgets To Keep You Warm In The Winter

Increase in global warming has subjected high altitude places to harsh winters. It ultimately takes a toll on our body. However, you can take on the cold weather by opting for cool gadgets that provide warmth outdoors. Moreover, these winter tools are perfect outdoor gadgets that help you to brave the harsh weather.

List of Cool Winter Gadgets

Here is a list of cool gadgets and winter tools that provides warmth.

1. Heated Socks

A pair of heated sock is the perfect addition on a long winter day. Moreover, the mobile heated socks are controlled by a wireless controller. It provides comfort with superior heating. Additionally, the socks are made of antimicrobial material to absorb sweat and eliminate odor.

Mobile Warming Socks

The socks are heated by integrated lithium-ion batteries. It is powered by infra-red heating technology. These socks feature in the list of top outdoor gadgets, as it includes 3 heat settings that provide warmth for more than 11 hours. Finally, the batteries are rechargeable. The socks provide warmth over the calves and under the feet as well. Mobile warming socks are suitable for both men and women.

2. Vulpés Cinera – Smart Heated Beanie Hat

The perfect smart heated beanie is a great addition. The Vulpés beanie is the perfect outdoor gadget. It is thermo-regulated with a heat control system controlled by a smartphone app.

Smart Heating Beanie

The user creates a personalized heating profile up to 45 degree Celsius. It provides exceptional comfort. The smart heated beanie made with wool offers heat continuously for up to 5 hours.  The beanie is water and snow resistant and you can rapidly charge it via a micro USB interface.

3. Ember Travel Mug

Everyone craves for a cup of some hot drink on a chilly day. A perfect heated travel mug is the perfect outdoor gadget. The Ember travel mug is the perfect winter tool for a long cold day. Also, you can control the drinking temperature with your smartphone.

Travel-friendly Mug

Moreover, the user can adjust the temperature based on their interest. Ember is an award-winning design with patented technology that provides perfect temperature from the first sip to the last one. You can control the temperature remotely via a smartphone app.

4. Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket

It is a perfect winter tool and a perfect outdoor jacket that provides warmth during cold weather. Mercury intelligent heated jacket uses Artificial Intelligence to learn a user’s preference and automatically heats the jacket. The jacket comprises flexible carbon fiber heating material and an inbuilt smart thermostat that responds to your body temperature.

Instant Heating Jacket

The jacket provides 10 watts of instant heating power. It integrates the intelligent jacket with a Smartphone app and controls the heating with smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. The cool gadget provides superior protection. It repels dust, rain, snow, stains, and odors. Furthermore, it comprises multiple pockets with wireless phone charging options.

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