Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home

Electronic gadgets are a huge blessing to help you with practically anything in life. The world is racing ahead at high speed and keep our life up to the times, we need to seek the help of many useful gadgets that could make our life much easier.  Here are a few such gadgets that you can use to keep updated with the latest times.

Waterproof Metal Key Storage Lock Box

This waterproof metal key storage is very useful among the home gadgets that you should grab right away. It is ideal to keep your keys safe as well as convenient to access.  It is made of aluminum alloy and is highly durable. This is also perfect for outdoor use with its anti-dust and waterproof design.  The key storage box can be fixed on any solid surface with its wall-mounted design. Furthermore, it has 10 push buttons for security combinations and these are resettable.  

The key storage box is waterproof so that you can keep it outdoors without worrying about water leaking into the box.

These storage boxes come in a size of  38mm x 105mm x 48mm. The inner size is 38mm x 70mm x 40mm.

The package will weigh 500 g.

The price is $42.21

Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home
Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home

Window Cleaning Robot

The window cleaning robot makes cleaning windows easy and convenient.  It is built with AI technology letting it detect obstacles and frames. Furthermore, it can program and calculate an optimal cleaning path, so that you can be sure it will clean efficiently.

This window cleaning robot is for windows with borders and frames.

In addition, this has a vacuum that will draw in air to let it get a good hold on the glass as it moves.

The charging time is 1 hour and the cleaning speed is 4 min/sqm.

The output voltage is 24V/INput 1c 100-240/ 80W. ( EU plug 220v, US plug 110V.)

Package content is 1 window cleaning robot.

This is surely one of the home gadgets that you would like to buy for yourself and the price range is $224.00 – $288.00

Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home
Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home

Waterproof Smart Watch for Women

Waterproof Smart Watch for women is one of the electronic gadgets that have all the benefits of a regular wristwatch plus a host of other features.  It is waterproof of course and you can take photos remotely by using the watch as a remote. Furthermore, you can take photos by swinging your arms. How cool is that! 

The watch is made of alloy and silica gel.   It is long-lasting and durable. Convenient for outdoor activities as it is waterproof. 

Furthermore, it has functions that will help you monitor your health status. 

The price range  is $59.22 – $79.17

Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home
Cool Electronic Gadgets For Every Home

In brief, these are super cool electronic gadgets to own as no doubt these are going to make life a lot simpler or you!  In addition, these come at fabulous prices too!

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