Building Gadgets And The Detailed List of Building Modes and Options

building gadgets

Building gadgets is a building tool which is mod by Direwolf20. It is a device that can be used to place blocks in different configurations. It provides tools that can manipulate block formation like the Copy Paste Gadget, the Building Gadget, the Exchanging Gadget, and the Destruction Gadget, and numerous tools are available for helping the player’s buildings. It is a mod that is all about making your life easier when it comes to placing blocks. You can use the diverse range of gadgets for placing huge walls, floors, grids of blocks with a single tap, and columns. You can also copy and paste the structure of your building.

Firstly you need to select the block you desire to build with. Now Shift right-clicks the block that you desire to use along with the gadget. A menu will appear on the screen that will allow you to set your building mode. There is a tooltip available that will guide you to the functioning of each button. Moreover, when you are in any of the modes, the gadgets will preview their look. Blocks in your inventory are required if you want to place the block with the gadget. All the missing blocks will be shown with the red color. 

Below mentioned is the list of different building modes and options available. 

Vertical Column

Building Gadgets

It helps set the height of the column by using the range slider option in the setting menu. The gadget will construct a column up from that block face when looking at the top face of the block. And when looking at the bottom side of the block, it will be constructed down from the block face. 

Horizontal Column 

Building Gadgets

In this, you have to use the range slider from the setting menu; from here, set the length of the horizontal column. Looking at the side of a block with build a row in the opposite direction of the side you are aiming at. 

 Build to Me 

This mode doesn’t consider the range slider and places blocks in a line towards the player. 

Vertical Wall 

It places blocks into range x range structure. Even ranges result in a Range-1 x range wall being placed. 

Horizontal Wall

It builds the horizontal wall, on the contrary way the horizontal column works. The dimensions work like the vertical wall. In the case of even range, the floor places a (range-1) x range, and in the case of odd range, the floor places a range x range platform.


More options can be included in the list of building gadgets, for example, gride mode, which sets the distance between blocks in the grid with the range slider. Stair Mode sets the length of the staircase. There are more options available you need to practically experience it for better understanding.   

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