Best Kitchen Gadgets of 2021

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Consumer technology always finds fertile ground for innovation and application in the kitchen, and this year is no different, with a bumper crop of kitchen gadgets to choose from. Smart technology has shown great potential for home cooks and professionals for many years, but connected appliances are really now coming into their own now. Here are the best kitchen gadgets for 2021.

Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Air Fryers are still extremely popular and that’s because they work really well. This nifty appliance is WiFi-enabled, meaning it can be controlled from your smartphone. That gives you full control over what you are air frying and with the guide supplied you get perfectly crispy results every time without having to experiment to get it right.

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

The microwave is making a comeback after some years in the wilderness. This one is a smart oven that allows you to control everything from your phone. With greater control comes more culinary possibilities, and this is an oven that allows you to use your microwave to cook all kinds of advanced sauce and ingredient treatments. Gone are the days of heating TV dinners.

Smart Kitchen Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer is one of the best-value investments you can make and is a game changer for cooking meat. If you’re serious about cooking meat, then this one is smart, so it gives absolute accuracy from your phone, virtually eliminating errors in cooking times and internal temperatures.

Cue Smart Induction Burner & Fry Pan

This advanced cooking system monitors the temperature of your cooktop, pan and food, and is perfect for those in search of culinary perfection. With 500 recipes to choose from, the system can guide you easily through the preparation of a range of difficult dishes, made simple through technology.

8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

A handy collection of eight kitchen gadgets in one, including funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup. Best of all, they all come together in the shape of a wine bottle in this fun and practical design.

Butter Churner

Butter is life, so use this olde-worlde-style butter churner to make your own by hand. Connect with your inner milk maid with this elegant, well-made and useful contraption that will be used again and again to make all kinds of butter.

Instant Pot DUO60 6

Broadly reviewed as one of the best on the market, this is a 7-in-1 programmable cooker that will be one of the most used tools in your kitchen. Use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker and warmer, The sleek, black and stainless steel design will like good on any countertop.

WiFi Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Sous-vide cooking is an incredible way to attain fine-dining results at home, and will completely transform the way you cook and eat. It can be quite technical, however, and there is always a lot of experimentation in order to get things right. Minimise the failure with a smart sous-vide device, which allows you to be more precise with time and temperature.

These are some of the best kitchen gadgets to invest in.

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