A Conventional Clock That Is a Great Thing to Have Around for the Occasional Times! Don’t Miss This!

As technology advances, new and new devices are being invented. These devices are better than their previous version. They help in making the existing life of people even more comfortable. In the early days, the sun was used to know the time, but nowadays it is possible to know the time by using a clock hanging on the wall or kept on the table. The clock is not only used for knowing the time but also used as an element of interior design. Large wall clocks are used as a part of wall designs. Nowadays, stickers that glow in dark are also available. These stickers not only make the house look beautiful but also help in night vision. This product is the best choice for such a clock.

Huge 3D LED Nightlight Wall Clock/Date/Temperature Display

Nowadays, LEDs have become almost an integral part of our lives. They are present everywhere, from a small toy to a large wall clock. Clocks that glow in dark are also available. With this product, one can not only decorate the house but get many benefits. This clock not only tells time but it has different modes. It can tell the temperature, day, date, etc. The time can be set according to preference. Some people prefer a 24-hour clock while some people like a 12-hour clock. With this product, both modes can be achieved. Different styles and modes of date are also available. It can also display the temperature. 

The best feature of this Huge 3D LED Nightlight Wall Clock/Date/Temperature Display is its LED display. This digital clock glows in the dark and hence it is very helpful for people who work late at night. At times, at night we have to look for time and if there is no mobile phone around then we can totally lose hold of time. Hence, it is important to keep a track of time. Also if one keeps a mobile phone around, it is possible that they will get distracted. This can be easily prevented by using this device.

Here is all about Huge 3D LED Nightlight Wall Clock/Date/Temperature Display.


  • Size: 225 x 85 x 17 mm
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Power: USB
  • Package includes:
  • (1) Wall Clock
  • (1) USB Cable
  • Manual
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  • This product helps to know the time at night with its LED light.
  • It is made up of quite durable material and hence will not get damaged easily.


  • It needs a continuous supply of power. There is no power backup.
  • The LED light can attract insects at night causing a menace.


Such clocks are quite helpful and add to the overall beauty of the house. But to maintain the longevity of the clock, it is important to look after the clock. It should be cleaned regularly and the power should be well maintained.

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