5 Portable Devices Everyone Should Have


Having portable devices is one of the most necessary things in life. They are portable, convenient, and have many uses. I am sure you have seen people with portable device cases on their backpacks or carrying them around. Portable devices can be used for anything! It’s important to make sure that portable devices are charged up and ready to go at all times because they come in handy pretty often. There are five portable devices everyone should have: a phone, tablet, laptop, camera, and watch. These 5 portable devices will help you stay connected with friends/family members as well as keep track of time wherever you go! Here are some more reasons why these 5 portable devices are essential:


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Smartphones are portable devices that can do a lot of things like take pictures, play music and movies, surf the web, and check social media. They also have many apps for different purposes. You can use them to call people or send messages as well as to read eBooks and watch TV shows. Smartphones are portable gadgets that everyone should have because they make life easier in so many ways!


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The portable device that every person should have is an iPad.

I am not sure what you would do with it, but I am positive you will find something to use it for. It’s a portable computer, portable television, portable gaming system and so much more!

The first thing people usually say when they see the iPad for the first time is “It’s amazing!” Why? The screen size is phenomenal! And the touch-sensitive display makes navigating through everything a breeze. These devices are perfect if your on-the-go or just sitting at home relaxing. Plus, there are over 300 thousand applications available in their App Store! You can download whatever application suits your needs from games to productivity apps such as Skype and Google Maps.

The iPad is portable in both size and weight. It can easily fit in a purse, bag, or even your pocket! The iPad is 7.5 inches tall, 9.56 inches wide and .34 inches thick which means it’s not too big or small for anyone to handle. Plus, the iPad only weighs 1.44 pounds! Most importantly, the battery life for this portable device lasts up to 10 hours of continuous use. And if you need more power for all of your portable needs, the iPad can support a full-size USB keyboard and even a 30-pin adaptor which means you can plug in whatever portable accessory suits your needs.


You can complete school work in a portable laptop that is lightweight and perfect for carrying around with you anywhere. Also, portable laptops come equipped with a video chat camera which makes it easy to talk to your friends/family without having to be next to them. A portable laptop is perfect for those who love working on the go and aren’t a fan of paper books.


Everyone loves taking pictures but they hate having to print them off and frame them because it takes up too much time and space. With a portable camera, you can take as many shots as you want without having to worry about wasting extra time and space. Plus, portable cameras are great for photoshoots!


A portable watch is a lifesaver when you don’t have time to check the time constantly on your phone or portable device. Having a portable watch keeps track of the exact time without having to take out your portable device constantly. It’s portable, convenient, and great for on the go.

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