20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets: Only By The Japanese

The Japanese are innovative leaders in creating crazy and unique gadgets. They are famous for bringing out surprising innovations. Further, thanks to this creativity, most if not all Japanese lives have become much more comfortable.

These intriguing Japanese innovations are worth applauding. Moreover, they help to make life easier and happier. So here are some of these insane Japanese inventions.

20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets: Only By The Japanese

List Of Japanese Inventions

  • Butter Grater: Butter is everyone’s love. Breakfast is incomplete without butter. Hard butter is often not preferable. Indeed, people need not waste their time on hard butter. For that, a butter grater simplifies the work. Moreover, this grater forms smooth layers of butter so that spreading the butter on the bread gives a delicious taste.
  • Umbrella Tie: The Japanese know how to solve uncertain problems. For instance, rains don’t ask for permissions before falling. Hence, instead of carrying umbrellas, people bring take them in the form of a necktie. This seems crazy, but it is an innovative idea.
  • Subway Sleeper Hats: This hat allows people to sleep anywhere, anytime. Even while traveling, the cap allows sleeping conveniently. It lets people sleep in comfort and peace.
  • Chopper Hand: The chopper hand gives us another glimpse of modern technology. The replica of a hand allows smooth chopping. Further, it reduces any chances of cutting your fingers.
  • Sound Catcher Pillow: The sound catcher pillow is designed for people’s comfort. Indeed, lying on the floor with the pillow is comfortable. Resting the head on the pad gives a beautiful feel.

More Weird Inventions

  • Ever Ready Tissue Dispenser: Tissues are a must for everyone. This quirky device is quite productive. The tissue dispenser gets tissues ready all the time. Further, it helps people to avoid sneezes.
  • Square Watermelon: The square watermelon is easy to carry and use. The shape of each watermelon makes this an innovative fruit farming technique.
  • Eyedrop Funnels: These eyedrop funnels are in the form of tubes. It looks crazy but it is very innovative. Hence, putting drops in eyes with them is much fun.
  • Silent Karaoke: This is a device for producing different tunes. It is best for people who do not want anyone to hear them.
  • Hearing Enhancer: The hearing enhancers are the best hearing device.
    20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets Invented By Japanese
20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets Invented By Japanese

And The List Goes On

  • Chopstick Fan: This fan is for all noodle lovers. This device can be used to help noodles to cool down quickly.
  • Rainproof Umbrella: This rainproof umbrella is a step ahead of a standard umbrella. That’s because this umbrella is enough to protect the whole body.
  • Bubble Wrap Keychain: This keychain helps to easily burst bubbles. This can be used as a great stress reliever.
  • 360 Degree Camera: This camera can click all the angles correctly.
  • Book Shaped Pillow: This book-shaped pillow gives way to a comfortable sleep.
  • Shoe Umbrellas: These kinds of umbrellas can be found only in Japan. Although it looks crazy, it is useful.
  • Banana Case: This banana case is handy and perfect for small small things.
  • Battlescratch Shirt: This shirt is unique and easily scratchable.
  • Thumb Extension: This thumb extension can help and hold things in a better way.
  • Multifunctional Gloves: This gloves perform multiple functions for people.


Japan’s inventions are surely steps ahead in terms of new technology. Further, all over the world, these inventions play key functions in people’s lives. Inventions help people to live a more comfortable and better life.


20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets: Only By The Japanese
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