Tech Gadgets under $200 Will Make Your Life Easier

Recently, smart technology has made our lives much easier due to their versatility and efficiency. Moreover, these tech gadgets incorporate high technology. Therefore, here is a list of 10 smart technology gadgets that are cheap and under $200.

Tech Gadgets under $200 Will Make Your Life Easier
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List of tech gadgets:

Universal Touchscreen Remote

Logitech’s ultimate home touchscreen remote is a versatile tool that provides an unparalleled entertainment and automation system. The gadget incorporates smart technology capable of controlling 15 home gadgets such as air-conditioner, thermostat, and smart doorknobs. The device can be integrated with your smartphone for a seamless experience.

Samsung Dual Wireless Charger

This gadget can seamlessly charge dual devices. This feature makes it a versatile high-technology gadget. As a result, charging multiple devices can save time. It is also compatible with all Qi-certified devices. Qi wireless technology ensures fast charging. Since it does not require any cables, it makes your life easier.

Portable Solar Charger

The rugged portable solar charger ensures that you are connected on the go. The solar charger is capable of providing 10,000mAh output. It is much faster when compared to its counterparts. This cheap and easy-to-use device comprises solar panels. They are easily rechargeable in any weather condition.

Venture Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

This smart technology gadget is connected to other devices via Bluetooth. The device ensures that you can easily switch between multiple devices. The mechanical keyboard has a long battery life. Indeed, it can go up to 2 weeks without charging. The smart keyboard is perfectly durable for gaming and other intensive tasks.

Vezo 360-degree Smart Dash Cam

This high-technology gadget is capable of recording every possible angle. Subsequently, this dashcam ensures that your car remains protected always. The smart dash cam offers 4K recording that provides clear videos sans any blind spots. Moreover, the dash cam incorporates Artificial Intelligence. It detects your face to alert the driver for drowsiness and prevents fatal accidents.

WalkOVR Wearable Motion Tracking System

Thos wearable motion tracking system is compatible with all VR headsets. This system enables the user to experience a realistic virtual reality environment. In conclusion, this seamless integration enables users to experience state-of-the-art gaming sessions.

BassMe Wearable Subwoofer

Listen to music on the go and experience an enhanced auditory session using the BassMe wearable subwoofer. This smart device ensures that the listener experiences bass in the sound, making it the perfect tool for workouts, gaming, and watching movies. The device ensures that you experience an immersive music quality with the help of any headphones using Bluetooth technology.

Washwow Garment Cleaner

This delicate garment cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner. Moreover, it does not need any detergent. This smart gadget is perfect for disinfecting baby bottles and clothes. They don’t contain harmful detergents that harm your baby’s skin. This device uses electrolysis process to sanitize delicate item. It also removes up to 99.98% germs.

Iskn Slate 2 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet

Digitize your drawings using this high technology gadget. It is cheap and easy to use. The device ensures that your drawings on paper are converted to digital designs. Moreover, you can save trees by drawing directly on the tablet’s surface. The tablet offers various drawing modes such as pencil tip, ink, and felt tips. Additionally, the pictures can be saved to various formats such as JPEG and PNG. Finally, it comes with a 4GB integrated memory. It has a battery that can last up to 7 hours without charging.


Convert any laptop surface to a touchscreen interface by using the AirBar. The smart gadget is attached to the bezel of the laptop. It displays an invisible light field that doubles up as your laptop’s touchscreen. It uses the “zForce AIR technology”. The smart gadget is available for 13.3 to 15.6 inches and offers perfect precision. The AirBar is compatible for laptops with Windows 10 and MacBook Air.

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